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Experience the best of Tuscan cuisine in Singapore

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular ones in the world, but what makes Tuscan dishes, more specifically dishes from the city of Lucca, different from what other regions offer?

1. Lucca’s food is all about quality

Tuscan food focus on using fresh, quality ingredients, mostly imported from Italy, enhanced by simple, natural seasonings, and extra virgin olive oil. Authentic, traditional, and delicious, just like how the dishes will be cooked at home. Perfect for those who appreciate a nice environment, at Lucca’s Trattoria you can expect true authenticity of taste made with high-quality ingredients.

2. Tuscany produces high-quality wine

Do you know that the Tuscany region is named “one of the most prestigious wine-growing regions in the world”? If you want to treat yourself after a great Italian dinner, having Tuscan wine will complete the meal. Tuscany’s wines are also particular according to the town. There are over 90 varieties of Italian wine to choose from when you come to Lucca’s Trattoria!

3. Tuscan food is great comfort food

Not only is Tuscan food a popular choice among event hosts, but it is also recommended among those who love eating fresh food with a true Italian taste.

Lucca’s signature soup, Ribollita, is definitely a favorite. Not only are Tuscans fond of their soups because of the taste, every Italian considers this soup a classic comfort food because of the fresh ingredients that it contains. Try this soup when you are at Lucca’s Trattoria.

4. Tuscany is blessed with fresh fruit and vegetables

Due to its geographical location, Tuscany is one of the best regions in Italy for farming. Being located in the heart of Italy, the cuisine there is popular for having the freshest ingredients, with tomatoes being the ultimate favorite among both tourists and locals.

In fact, Tuscany is recognized worldwide for its tomatoes! Want to try it out and give your opinion if it's actually the best? You can come to Lucca’s Trattoria and

try our Pappardelle Con Il Coniglio, Tordelli Lucchese, or our Granchio e Gamberi.

5. Tuscan food is all about meat

It’s no secret that Tuscans are considered “Italy’s most prolific meat-eaters” since they consume either beef or pork on a regular basis. If you go to Tuscany, you’ll often find street vendors selling sandwiches with all kinds of meat. A popular dish amongst Italians, which is also a Tuscan-signature dish, is the Bistecca Alla Florentina. If you love meat, be sure to order the 700g of grass-fed T-Bone Steak at Lucca’s Trattoria.

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