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Italian Desserts

At Lucca’s Trattoria, you can indulge yourself in famous Italian Gelato, commonly known as Italian ice cream. Ice cream and Gelato are not the same, the key difference is that Gelato is made using milk as a base while ice cream is made using cream. This means Gelato has a lower fat content compared to ice cream, making Gelato perfect for those with a sweet tooth who wish to eat without guilt! USA FDA states that ice cream contains a minimum 10% fat.

Why is the Gelato served at Lucca’s Trattoria so special?

Here at Lucca’s Trattoria, we pride ourselves in creating the most authentic Italian Gelato humanly possible. Our Italian trained Gelato chefs make our Gelato fresh within the restaurant every few days. In order to retain the truest Italian taste, premium ingredients from Italy and France are imported. For example, our pistachio Gelato is made using pistachio from the Brontë region in Sicily-Italy, a region famous for producing the finest pistachio in the world. We also import hazelnut from Piedmont, which combined with premium French chocolate gives you that unbeatable taste of our Gianduia chocolate. This, paired with an unforgettable cup of our award-winning Segafredo coffee, will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Lucca’s Trattoria Desserts

Our desserts are made fresh and in-house daily, using the finest ingredients from Italy.  Do try our quinessential Tuscan chestnut crepes or Necci, a favorite among our guests. Another favorite dessert is Tiramisu, a rich Italian dessert made with light, creamy mascarpone cheese and layered with Savoiardi ladyfingers soaked in our Italian Segafredo coffee.  Life doesn't get any sweeter than that, La Dolce Vita!

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