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Passion for Authentic Tuscan Food, from Lucca in Italy.

Our Story

At Lucca’s Trattoria, we have an intense passion for authentic Tuscan cuisine. Named after the Tuscan city of Lucca, the original inspiration for the restaurant came after the owners visited the city. They found Lucca both charming and idyllic, beset on all sides by medieval walls which have been lovingly preserved and transformed into a lush park, giving Lucca its strong impression of a traditional Italian city. It was on these memorable trips that the owners and chef decided to set up Lucca’s Trattoria.


Lucca’s Trattoria takes its culinary inspiration from its namesake, Lucca. The city is famous for its olio d’oliva lucchese, one of the highest quality of olive oils you can find. The Lucchese people can be characterised by a passionate devotion to genuine food, which is something which we at Lucca’s Trattoria aim to deliver to you here in Singapore.


We serve several signature Tuscan dishes, and our menu creations are based on what native Lucchese would eat daily. Delivering an authentic Italian taste to you is extremely important to us. To do so, we import most of our ingredients from Italy.


Italian Food Singapore

Lucca's Trattoria


At Lucca’s Trattoria, we aim to provide our guests with the most authentic Tuscan experience.

‘Cucina alla casalinga’ or home-cooking is central to our Chef’s philosophy. We use only handmade pasta and our ravioli is made within the restaurant.  Similarly, our Gelato is made fresh in the traditional Italian way.


We specialise in Lucchese (from the city of Lucca) cuisine, and we serve dishes that originate from all over Tuscany, a region renowned for its rich culinary history. Our selection is based on what Lucchese people would eat daily, using premium ingredients mostly from Italy. 

The hard work our chefs put in to bring you an authentic taste of Italy can all be observed in our open kitchen concept.

Tuscan Steak, T-Bone Steak
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